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AGM 2015 - minutes

41st Annual General Meeting August 2015

Ducks Unlimited New Zealand

8.30am at Distinction Hotel and Conference Centre, Palmerston North. 


The President John Cheyne, welcomed members to the 41st Annual General Meeting.

A special welcome was extended to the  Piranis.


Glenys Hansen and Athol Rowden, Dan and Sandy Steele, Peter and Anne Russell, Chris Bindon, Graham Berry, Sue Perry, Fraser Chetwin.


That the apologies tendered are accepted.

Moved: John Bishop.

Seconded: Di Pritt.

Carried .

Minutes of the last AGM: 

(Circulated in Flight #164, copies available at  the AGM.)


That the minutes of the last AGM be accepted as a true and complete record. Moved:

David Smith.

Seconded: Neil Candy.

Matters arising from the 2014 minutes:

No  matters arising.

President’s Report:

John Cheyne (Circulated in Flight #164, copies available at  the AGM.)

We are facing challenges with maintaining our membership. Our members are aging and younger people just aren’t joining. 

Main support base is from Wairarapa and Manawatu Chapters. The Wairio wetland project continues to be our major wetland restoration project. 

Reiterated his thanks to three key ladies – Liz Brook, Jan Abel and Michelle Cooper 


The President’s report is accepted.

Moved: John Bishop.

Seconded: Adrienne Bushell.


Matters arising from the President’s 2014  Report:

No matters arising.

Financial Report:

John Bishop

John ran through the accounts and explained the main differences between receipt of funds.

This particularly relates to the Wairio project where payout has occurred before receipt of funds in. 

Accounts show a loss of $41253 for y/e 31 March 2015 


That the 2015 financial report be accepted.

Moved: John Bishop.

Seconded: Ken Barnes.


Waterfowl and Wetlands Trust Report: 

David Smith. 

Funds $463420 as at July so even with the usual fluctuations it has not done too badly, an improvement of our position of  just under 8 percent.  

Held in a variety of companies predominantly Australasian but some overseas. 

Adrienne Bushell questioned re ethical investing. 

Moved: Di Pritt.

Seconded: John Bishop.


Election of Officers:

Board Election:

The President read out the following  Statement:

The Constitution states that the Board should consist of not less than six, of which half, but not more than two thirds shall be permanently appointed Directors. 

As of right, the permanent appointments are the Chairman, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Other permanent appointments are Neil Candy and William Abel. 

John Dermer and Jim Law are standing again

by rotation and also have a nomination of Gill Lundie for the Board. 

Call for any further nominations – None - therefore all were declared as duly elected. 

Moved: David Smith.

Seconded: Glenys Hansen.



Wetland Care: William Abel (tabled).

Royal Swan Report: William Abel (tabled).

Website Report: Michelle Cooper (webmaster) Same as last year but with more visitations.

Could someone write on how to build a wetland. And what to plant maybe publish on our  website?

Quack Club: Only have five schools involved and 80 younger kids belong. It is continuing  successfully but could be doing better. 

Wairio Wetland:

Jim Law (Full report tabled).

He also showed photos of the project.

Summary: In Wairarapa this project is seen as a significant success story and could be considered a forerunner for organisations such as ours to take on. Perhaps DUNZ could look at one large project every 5 years - need to look to start a new one.

Pateke: Mike Camm (no report).

Whio: Peter Russell (Full report tabled).

Membership Report: Jan Abel. 78 percent memberships renewed slightly up  on last year.

General Business:

Clarification re Election of officers given. John Dermer and Jim Law were re-elected with Gill Lundie welcomed to the Board. 

Thanks to the Board members for their contribution. 


The meeting closed at 9.30am.

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